· Feb 6, 2022

Issue with Studio

Hi Community,

I would like to migrate a Zen application to Iris but I am facing issue below:


so far I was not able to solve this issue myself, is there somebody who has some suggestions?



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Hi Robert, thanks for your prompt answer!

Actually I am not yet into Iris. My studio just refuses to connect to my old cache (localhost) instance, I tested y Odbc connection. Also my Zen application is working incredible fine in the browser. Also checked (windows) Services, no clue. I Googled for quit some time now (days)sad, even back to post out 2012 but no answer what the error code means...

Access Denied is generally either a user permissions or a resource issue.  However, from one of your screenshots it looks like you are connecting to a Cache install running an evaluation license?  These can have limitations so it is also possible you are hitting a license (user/process) limit?

Most likely the user does not have permissions.  Based on screenshots in other comments it looks like you are using the wrong password for the Marco user and that the Admin user is disabled but you have obviously been able to log into the portal and overcome the issue mentioned with selecting events?  Would also be useful to check the console log for that time as well.

If this is still happening perhaps update this query with details on the username, whether that user works in the portal, and the latest errors in event log that relates to the studio failure, look at all entries for that time, not just the login failures, in case the issue is different.