· Nov 16, 2017

Caché service does not start

Help, after a day of coding, I wanted to backup my files. I found out that alle of my 3 instances of caché refuse to start.

the error says: cstart-exe-fout   (112 Service for Caché instance did not start).

Is there a way to solve this? (off course the management portal does not work either.)

I think there has been a power interruption as the battery from my laptop does not work, and the power went off before


Thanks  in advance!

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Thanks, sorry I did not mention, I have looked into that file but it does not give me a clue how to solve:


*** Recovery started at Thu Nov 16 19:23:55 2017
     Current default directory: c:\intersystems\cache\mgr
     Log file directory: .\
     WIJ file spec: c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\CACHE.WIJ
Recovering local (c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\CACHE.WIJ) image journal file...
Starting WIJ recovery for 'c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\CACHE.WIJ'.
WIJ file not found.
Exiting with status 3 (Success)
11/16/17-19:24:05:505 (9024) 2 cache.ids file was created by node 139407LINOLP, and this machine is W1064PRO1511
11/16/17-19:24:11:537 ( 8496) 3 cctrl.dll (error during startup):(289) Opstarten cache mislukt: besturingsproces van cache is abnormaal beëindigd (afsluitcode = 0).

Hi Eric, last time I have resolved by just doing a new installation.

However last week (march 2018) I got the same issue on all 4 instances on my computer. No clue what have caused the issue.

According to the logfile I had to delete Cache.WIJ which I did. I also replaced cache.cpf with _last.good-.cpf and deleted Cache.ids as you have recommended.

After this I restarted the machine. No result however.

According to Windows services : the Webserver for Cache cannot be started.

I want to share this information. I do not have a licence for official support, but do want to continue development in Cache.


Hey there, 

I just had the same error code 112 and resolved it. Maybe you guys find this post helpful.

Step to reproduce:

- Install cache or healthshare, run it atleast one time successfully.

- Change your computer name

Error shown in <install-dir>\mgr\console.log:

2 cache.ids file was created by node Old computer name, and this machine is New computer name

Resolving method:

Delete this cache.ids file and turn off cache/healthshare instance. After that, everything works normally.