Hi Lamont,

I do use the following in one of my applications:

ClientMethod Webbutton() [ Language = javascript ]
var table this.getComponentById('relationTable');
        var index table.getProperty('selectedIndex');
        if (index 0) {
                alert('No row is selected in the table.');
        var data table.getRowData(index);
        if (data == null) {
                alert('Table is not in snapshot mode or invalid request.');
        else {

                   var person=data.Website
                   var tpref "http://"
                   alert (person)
                   ///alert (tWeb)
                   var url "http://www.google.com/"
                   var url "http://" person;
                  /// window.open(person);


It opens a URL from  a record selected in a TablePane. I think it opens the default browser (in my case Firefox).

Maybe this example helps you. (yes, the name of the variable [person] looks odd.)

For myself it works great

Hi Eduard, hard to get it working!

my file:

my code:

Class TestCsv.Csv Extends %Persistent

Property name As %String;

Property year As %Integer;

Property amount As %Numeric;

Property date As %Date;

ClassMethod Import()
set rowtype = "name VARCHAR(50),year INTEGER,amount NUMERIC(9,2),date DATE"
    set filename = "c:\temp\data.csv"
    do ##class(%SQL.Util.Procedures).CSVTOCLASS(2, .rowtype, filename,,,,"TestCsv.Csv")

My result:

(I use Windows 10)

no result

My filetest:

I still cannot find the error.

Hi, I am building an Email client in Cache, and succeeded to send out emails (smpt)

On downloading emails I have tested the pop3 sample from the InterSystems documentation:

ClassMethod YPOPsAsPOP3() As %Net.POP3
  //Sample from InterSystems
  Set server=##class(%Net.POP3).%New()
  //YPOPs uses the default port
  //but let's set it anyway
  Set server.port=110

  //just in case we plan to fetch any messages
  //that have attachments
  //Set server.StoreAttachToFile=1
  //Set server.StoreInlineToFile=1
  //Set server.AttachDir="c:\DOWNLOADS\"
  //local host acts as the server
  Set servername="mail.xxxxxxxx.nl"
  //YPOPs works with a Yahoo email account
  Set user="marco@xxxx.nl"
  Set pass="XXXXXXXX"
  Set status=server.Connect(servername,user,pass)
  If $$$ISERR(status)

    Do $System.Status.DisplayError(status)
    Quit $$$ERROR()
    Do ##class(ZenMail.MailFunctions).ShowMailbox(server)
    Do ##class(ZenMail.MailFunctions).FetchMailbox(server)
    Do ##class(ZenMail.MailFunctions).ShowMsgInfo(1)
  Quit server

I succeed to get information out of my mailbox however with the following error(s):

and at the end:

has anybody an idea how to solve this? for me this error is a bit a flurry....

I would like to invite people to work on a working example with complete working code base rather than open answers

which do not contribute to a completed working topic.

Thanks in advance!