Hi Stefano,

I was trying to run an unreleased 2019.1 docker image. I followed your suggestion but it still doesn't work. Then I tried with a 2018.1.2 docker image and it worked. I will contact support internally.


Hi Erik, the Docker version is 18.06.1-ce and I'm on macOS 10.13.4. How can I check if I'm a member of the docker group? "id -nG" gives me a list and "everyone" is in the list. I also tried the "docker run" command with "sudo" but didn't work either.

We are actively working on 1.3 which would contain a Java update and support for the recently released Eclipse Photon. Expect the 1.3 stable release next month.

John, thanks for your earlier post. Nicole posted a detailed solution and I added the link at the end of the announcement.

It probably has to do with the size of your files or projects. We have seen similar issues before, so I'd say contact support for further investigation.

Hi Eric,

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is feature requests of higher impact got pushed to the top of our to-do list. But no worries, I've added a note to record your request. Thanks for your understanding.


Having a discussion with your sales engineer would also be a good idea. You're on the right track, Julian. It takes time to set the system up, but it's absolutely worth it.

Fred, putting all sources into one project would cause performance issues and make it difficult to maintain the code base. Can you let me know why you found it might be a better approach?

Hi Kumar, Thanks for posting questions to the DC again. I hope that the edge servers issue you encountered earlier got resolved. Last time you contacted support and got specific advice from them and this time I suggest you do the same. More system-specific information would help us to debug this further for you and make your move easier. Please open a WRC case by emailing support@intersystems.com or calling +1 617-621-0700. Thanks.

Scott, Server-side text search is available in projects with connections to servers 2017.2 and higher.