Using Source Control with Atelier on existing code

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Hi there.

I'm really interested in using Atelier for its source control ability, and I have found a fair bit of info when it comes to starting a new project and then pushing that project to a chosen source control system.

However, my environment has a lot of existing code which was developed within Studio and Ensemble, and placing entire namespaces within a single project file feels wrong.

Is there a magical way I can point Atelier at my environment and it will split everything up into individual projects based on naming conventions, or am I faced with the daunting task of splitting it all up?


We decided to split them each top level package into separate projects (approx 50) but I'm starting to regret that. I think it is better to have all code in one project and in one repo.

I tried this as a way of moving everything so far into our source control system, and the performance impact on Eclipse/Atelier was soul destroying.

Fred, putting all sources into one project would cause performance issues and make it difficult to maintain the code base. Can you let me know why you found it might be a better approach?

Hi Julian, it is a good question. Generally speaking, it is highly recommended that you avoid putting all sources into a single project. It seems like you didn't use any source control before and it would be a critical migration step for you. To help you convert your code base into Atelier projects, we need to learn more about your development environment, such as the source code control system you choose and the structure of your code base. I'd suggest that you contact support directly by emailing or calling +1 617-621-0700 so we can come up with a solution together. Thanks.

Having a discussion with your sales engineer would also be a good idea. You're on the right track, Julian. It takes time to set the system up, but it's absolutely worth it.

Thanks Joyce, I made contact with them instead of support, and after a webex the solution was found!

It turns out the performance issues I had been getting when adding the entire namespace was because I had included all of the system folders (ens, enslib, EnsPortal, etc). So on each launch, Eclipse was then reindexing the entirety of the core files in each namespace.