· Jun 21, 2016

Atelier - newbie troubles

I have just imported our Ensemble project (not a really big one, like two man-years) into my MacBook Air  Ensemble 2016.3 instance to test many things (document model, etc.), Atelier among the others.

The "Production view" is not here, and I miss it.

The opening of Diagram Editor for BP is pretty hidden. I would even like having a switch, which would default to the Diagram Editor. 

Anytime I click on the Open Diagram Editor, it waits for a while, ten produces an error and only then I can see the diagram.

The error says: Your Studio browser is no longer valid... etc.

I cannot find an easy access to the Save or Compile command, once I do some changes in the respective BP via the Diagram Editor.

Compiling larger amount of classes produces an error: 

No conflicting files to resolve.

Compile failed: Gateway Timeout

Compiling identical set of classes "per partes" goes well, however.

Sooo, does anybody have some hints or comments to the issues?



PS: I am total ignorant concerning Eclipse. Saying that I ask you for patience when explaining the Eclipse stuff.

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Hi Michal,

Thanks for trying Atelier out! The current version of Atelier supports the workflow of a typical ‎Caché developer, so some of the Ensemble features are not implemented yet. The good news is the sooner we deliver it to the users' hands (like you!), the better we can understand how to improve Atelier. We've heard your request of the "Production View" and Diagram Switch loud and clear, and we will definitely incorporate these in our plan.

I've logged the compilation issue you encountered and will update you once I hear back from the team.