Randy Stewart · Nov 28, 2017

Atelier Diagram Editor not working in stable 1.0

I am using Atelier on Eclipse on a MacBook Pro.

When I first installed the Diagram Editor was working with DTL and BP classes. Now it does not work. A new tab opens but it is blank. 


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Can you let me know the version of Eclipse and Atelier stable you are using? What version of server are you connecting to?

Your questions caused me to try a few new things. First to answer your questions.

Eclipse for JavaScript and Web Developers / Version: Oxygen.1a Release (4.7.1a) / Build id: 20171005-1200

Atelier Stable 1.0 found at

I am connected to 2 servers. One is Ensemble 2016.3.0.6190 the other is HealthShare 2016.2.1.8060B17136

I was trying to open the diagram editor while not connected to either server and got a blank screen.  Once I connected to a server, the diagram editor now comes up - asking first for me to login to Ensemble/HealthShare - and after logging in the diagram editor works.

So I see what is happening, I have to be connected to a server for the diagram editor to work. I would consider this a bug. A client editor should not have to be connected to a server to edit local source files. 

The CLS file in your project is a local file, but the diagram editor is opened in an embedded browser, so it would only work with an established connection. When you're making changes from the diagram editor, you're actually editing the file on server, just like how it works from the management portal.