Jon Willeke · Oct 20, 2016

"auto insert" template in Atelier?

Some of the templates in Atelier display "on" in the "Auto Insert" column. I can't figure out how they differ from the ones that aren't so marked. Some Googling suggests that it should insert without displaying the template popup if there is only one matching template. However, I see the popup every time.

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Hi Jon,

To help me understand the issue, could you take a screenshot and upload it here?



In the following screenshot, I've just typed "prop", a unique prefix of the property template, then pressed Cmd-/ (the Content Assist shortcut for Emacs key bindings on a Mac):




Since its auto insert attribute is on, I expected the template to expand immediately, rather than presenting the popup.

You're right, Jon. It's a reported issue - Atelier templates do not support auto-insert at the moment. The fix is targeted for Release 1.1.

- Joyce

I just installed version 1.1 and this still doesn't seem to be working. Is this still a known issue?

Hi Eric,

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is feature requests of higher impact got pushed to the top of our to-do list. But no worries, I've added a note to record your request. Thanks for your understanding.