##class( autocomplete for classnames


try Ctrl + Space whenever you want the autocomplete to appear :)

Already tryed, it stays bloqued some seconds, and then nothing.

I can read on the status tab:

Computation of proposals takes too long. Please try again.

Hi Mathew,

As @Erez Even Paz suggested, when you type the content assist keystrokes, CTRL+Space, the editor opens a pop-up box listing possible completions. With a large codebase, it takes longer to index prior to cache existing, and that is why you encountered the performance hit. @Scott Morrison @Fred Gustafsson, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. You can rest assured that the development team will prioritize it and we will keep you informed.


I can understand that prior to cache it will take longer, but how can I force a cache heat up. Because It's been one week and I'm still getting the error.

It probably has to do with the size of your files or projects. We have seen similar issues before, so I'd say contact support for further investigation.


I  had the same issue when I first started using Eclipse/Atelier, intellisense/autocomplete consistently not working. I'm guessing it was to do with caching of files, as it's gotten better over time. It's still slow to respond. Typically, when I hit dot/period after a class/subclass (Ens.), it's a few seconds before anything comes up.

I agree with Scott, it is so slow that is close to useless. I can't see any reason for being this slow, it's just a simple lookup.

Well in my case I even tried with some indications from the documentation about running 

set rtn= ##class(%Atelier.v1.Utils.MetaData).Build("DB")

but it didn't solve anything (in fact I don't know how to check if it's taking into account this data generated)

It always gives me the too long error