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This is for educational use only, so if you break your system, lose your cat, or your ice cream goes all melty by using my example below, please don't hold me accountable.

Also, I would like to mention that I borrowed the base structure from the ^%SS utility in the %SYS namespace.

I would also like to mention that in my *very* limited testing, you'll only have a CSP Session ID while there's actually "stuff" going on in the CSP Page. If you're executing a two-minute query in a CSP Page, whilst that query is running you can see (and clobber) that session. If the query is complete and you're just scrollin' round the results not generating new HTTP requests into the CSP Page, you may not be able to see the CSP Session ID.

That said, this did work for me to kill a CSP Session mid-query:

 Set Rset=##class(%Library.ResultSet).%New("SYS.Process:SS")
 Do Rset.Execute(parm)
 While Rset.Next() {
NameSpace="" NameSpace="%SYS" 
; i (Dir'=""),(NameSpace'=Dir) continue
Set Pid=Rset.Get("Process")
    SID'="" $SYSTEM.Process.Terminate(Pid)

I have 'embiggened' the line of code that actually terminates the process, and I did make one further assumption in my code: That the CSP Sessions would be run under the user: UnknownUser - If your system uses a different user to execute CSP, you'll need to change the username in the CONTINUE: line (ZZPROCKILL+10).

If you want to just see if you can find CSP sessions and not actually terminate them, comment out that final 'embiggened' line in the While loop (that starts with i SID'="").

Hope this helps!

Mr. Petrole,

Per the documentation here:

is it possible that at some point your data stream is not encoded as UTF-8? That seems to be a requirement of the %FromJSON method, and if your data string isn't UTF-8 you may need to employ a call to $ZCONVERT, or for a "non-compliant" stream you may need to set the TranslateTable attribute of the stream to "UTF8."

Hope this helps!


This is great information, however, on your point "PS 2:" I'd be surprised to hear if your instructor's name wasn't actually @Joel Solon  -- but you're right, he's a great instructor, and one heckuva nice guy to boot!

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