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Hi Philip,

not knowing anything about your deployment or applications hosted by IRIS this will be only very high-level.

There are multiple ways how this can be achieved. 

Essentially the easiest way is to stop/freeze the IRIS instance on your backup mirror in LIVE then, depending on your databse sizes. Either copy the database files over to your test environment, or take afilesystem snapshot and transfer that accross. After start,thaw the backup mirror iris instance.

On the test environment break the mirror. shutdown the instance on your primary test mirror. copy in the databases you transferred (ensure the global mappings are the same), you can choose at this point to not overwrite certain databases you do not want to be refreshed e.g. localsysconfig. start up the iris instance, remove the mirror flag from the database files you just refreshed and then do all post refresh activities. at the end you have to rebuild the TEST mirror though, as per IRIS doco. 

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