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as an alternative you could use to standard traceroute 

 traceroute -n -T -m 5 -q 1 -p 80 hostname.local

-p portnumber

-T use TCP syn for connects

-m max TTL to test

If it succeeds it will return all IPs if the IP is not reachable it will only report *.
If the port is blocked it will return somethink like

 1  0.411 ms !X

Where !X means admin prohibited.


without understanding what workload the job is doing its nearly impossible to suggest best approach.

You could try to reduce the priory of the jobbed process.

d %SYSTEM.Util.SetPrio("-1")  //reduced prio of current process by one


if you make some assumptions

1. numbers are always enclosed in curved brackets

2. you want to always return string starting with REASON

this could be as easy as just:

set mystring="REASON->Blood(1.23)"

w "REASON"_$extract(mystring,$find(mystring,"(")-1,*)

or if you really want to use regex:

IRISHEALTH:USER>set mystring="REASON->Blood(1.23)"
IRISHEALTH:USER>set regex=##class(%Regex.Matcher).%New("^([A-Z]*)->.*(\([0-9]*.[0-9]*\))",mystring)
IRISHEALTH:USER>zw regex.Locate()                                               1
IRISHEALTH:USER>zw regex.Group(1)
 IRISHEALTH:USER>zw regex.Group(2)
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