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using zf will always be difficult as IRIS is not running a root. You will need to configure the OS to allow privilege escalation for the irisusr, which open quite a big door.

Or allow irisusr to start/stop httpd, which might be the safer way.

The other options is, if this is only about the application via webgateway contacting the correct primary.

1. set web gateways to be mirror aware

2. configure a VIP address in the mirror and point the cspgateways to this ip address.

Hi Jennifer,

first things yes mirroring is supported in AWS and Azure. What is not working is the automatic VIP failover managed by IRIS. This is due to limitations imposed by the cloud providers, as you cannot dynamically add an IP address.

For this usually a loadbalancer is utelized, that queries a specific csp page on the mirror servers to decide which mirror is active and redirect the "VIP" accordingly.

Also depending on what access (application,xDBC) you need, you can deploy a load balanced array of web servers. These can host the webgateway, which in turn can be configured to be mirror aware and does no tneed a VIP to automatically failover.

Best Regards


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