InterSystems Cache with Laravel (Eloquent) using ODBC

Hi Community

I have created a simple package that allows the use of Cache with the Laravel Framework.

From my initial testing everything seems to be operating smoothly but I would like to appeal to the PHP users in the community to help me improve this package.

For those of you out there who have time and would be interested in this, please visit the repo at

Thanks in advance

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Hi Evgeny

Sure, that sounds fun. I'll go have a look.

Doesn't Laravel already has its own Cache system? It has a great package for using caching. Additionally, if you want, you can also use memcached for database caching and varnish in Laravel (Source: ). So what did you do in this package? Can you give some information here.

@oliver russell I think you are confusing the name of an InterSystems product (Caché) with the term 'cache'. Easy mistake to make, ever since InterSystems released Caché a couple of decades ago.