Scott, was launched but then not advertised because of the Developer Community effort.  It is still supported and will remain open and available until such time as all functionality is available on the Developer Community and all content has been moved to make it accessible here.  Feel free to make use of that site until you see announcements about it being moved.  It works with InterSystems SSO so you can use your existing account.



I think that members should own their own content and be able to edit or delete it (just like Facebook)

+1 for this suggestion.  

Scott - FYI, you can subscribe to the general forums so you automatically get notification on all new posts rather than having to manually mark something as Favorite to get new emails on that. Just a thought.

To echo what Tom said, this is becoming more and more critical for me as well.  I really don't have time to click a link every time I get a Community update in order to see if its something I am interested in (or can contribute to) or not.  

I also agree with the removal of the decoration, etc.  Just the content with a link to the thread at the bottom of the email please.

Confirmed - I see Tim's name in the tab title in Chrome when I go to that page (but I see my own points)

Tom - you  need to click the "Favorite" tag at the top of the topic page, and that will subscribe you to that particular topic (the label will siwch to "Unsubscribe" once you).

It's not intuitive but it works (sort of - you can't do anything but digest subscription which leaves quite a bit to be desired)