I think I better understand now - you want 'other' tabs to dynamically update (without the user hitting Refresh) if the user changed namespaces in a separate tab, is that correct?

I think there are probably Javascript events that fire when a tab comes back into focus (you'd have to check) and you could use those to trigger a call to the server to see if the namespace has changed - if it has then redraw the tab to show the context of the proper namespace.  It would have more moving parts but it should be possible if you really want to do it.

Good luck!

Playing around with it a little bit, I came to the following conclusions:

- *some* pages rely on the $Namespace url parameter in order to initialize what namespace it is pulling data from

- this doesn't appear to be stored in the session (and therefore it isn't shared between tab); I think it is only effective in the url

- there are some pages which don't honor the $Namespace url parameter (e.g. they still show %SYS even if $Namespace is defined to a different value); this is probably because those pages don't act on any namespace-specific data (or they act on data which lives ONLY in %SYS)

It sounds like if you want to keep your tabs in sync, you should put something in the session, and switch namespaces in your page logic.  Probably in OnPreHttp (although you'd need to test to make sure that the namespace sticks for the OnPage method as well)


Unless you are using web sockets, whenever someone makes a request from a web client it will issue a call back to the Caché server and it will be handled by a csp process which will spin up and go to a namespace and get the appropriate session variables, etc.  If I understand properly what you are looking to do, you could store the namespace as a session variable and then on each of your pages you can test the session variable on the request and reset to a different namespace if it isn't the default.  I believe that this is how the SMP does it (or something very similar).



Mike - it would be helpful if you hyperlink to "Newbie's Corner Index"

Matthew - I can replicate what you see on b721 with my unit tests class that I wrote.  I'll do some digging and get back to you with what I find.

I have "On Updates" and "On Comments" checkboxes on that page for all of my subscriptions.  Perhaps because I am signed up for individual emails (which may have more subscription options) and you are signed up for a Digest? (or perhaps maybe not - I tried changing to Digest and still see the "On Updates" checkboxes.

I think a Community Admin needs to weigh in because I don't know why your settings are different.