Unless you are using web sockets, whenever someone makes a request from a web client it will issue a call back to the Caché server and it will be handled by a csp process which will spin up and go to a namespace and get the appropriate session variables, etc.  If I understand properly what you are looking to do, you could store the namespace as a session variable and then on each of your pages you can test the session variable on the request and reset to a different namespace if it isn't the default.  I believe that this is how the SMP does it (or something very similar).



Mike - it would be helpful if you hyperlink to "Newbie's Corner Index"

Matthew - I can replicate what you see on b721 with my unit tests class that I wrote.  I'll do some digging and get back to you with what I find.

I have "On Updates" and "On Comments" checkboxes on that page for all of my subscriptions.  Perhaps because I am signed up for individual emails (which may have more subscription options) and you are signed up for a Digest? (or perhaps maybe not - I tried changing to Digest and still see the "On Updates" checkboxes.

I think a Community Admin needs to weigh in because I don't know why your settings are different.