if you import this class into IRIS you will then be able to run the methods.  Look up the docs for $system.OBJ.Load() .. you will load and compile the class and the. you can call the methods like this:

Do ##class(User.Ready.ConvertCSV).ConvertN()

(I assume you cut out the actual logic of the methods when you pastes it above as what you pasted is incomplete)

@Cryze Zhang - it looks like this was an issue in prior versions as well.  

Did you know you can report this directly to the InterSystems Documentation team?  Click on the blue "Feedback" button on the right side of the screen and it will give you a chance to tell Docs directly what is wrong with the page.  Here is the 2021.1 link you can use for your convenience:


Thank you for noticing this and bringing it to our attention!  Please confirm once you have reported the issue and it will get addressed.

You are most welcome!  There is a lot of power there at your disposal ... enjoy the discovery process!

@prashanth ponugoti - a couple of things to look at:

1) When you open the first link in /csp/healthshare does it open for you after authenticating?

2) Is your /csp/test web application definition set to work in the same namespace as /csp/healthshare?

3) Is a copy of your person.csp file moved to the web application root that you defined for /csp/test?

Hope that helps get you started on finding a solution.

Note ... make sure you have downloaded the actual Community Edition kit (if you did not then it won't have a license embedded).  Go to evaluation.intersystems.com and select the option for Community Edition to make sure you have the right kit.