Hi Vitaliy - 

InterSystems IRIS has been on the market more than 3 years now and is the platform the general market is developing on.   We've worked to make it easy to get InterSystems IRIS and the VS Code dev tooling, and are working to make independent components available easily as well.

By far the vast majority of users that want Caché are existing customers - so you can get this easily through the WRC.

Hi Stephen - 

Sorry for the slow response on this.  We are not releasing the quarterly CD releases for Health Connect, so there isn't a 2019.4 available for it.  The most recent version is 2019.1.1.   But we'll have a 2020.1 out shortly (there's a preview available now if you want to work with it).

Since you are moving from 2017.1, you should be aware that the underlying technology has changed (from being based on Ensemble to being based on InterSystems IRIS) , so technically this is an in-place conversion.   Please look at the in-place conversion guide ahead of your move, and if you follow the steps it should go quite smoothly.


Hi Yuriy -

Thanks for pointing this out.   We did not prepare a list for this, but I did make a comment on this thread, including verifying that none of these changes impacts any published API.  If there is a change resolving an issue you reported through the WRC, you'll see that this is resolved via the normal process.   We will be publishing detailed changenotes with the GA release.


If you are a current customer or partner, it is still possible to get an evaluation version of Caché.

Log into the WRC distribution portal, https://wrc.intersystems.com/wrc/coDistCache.csp
 and you will see Caché evaluation kits.

If you are new to InterSystems technology and want to get familiar with it, or want to develop applications, try InterSystems IRIS.

It incorporates the technology that makes Caché so great, and takes it to another level.

Thanks for pointing out the issue with stale links!

Hi Rui - 

Yes this is true, but it's temporary.   We had some issues with the Community Edition and the marketplace listing was set up this was as an interim measure.

This will be replaced by the IRIS for Health Community Edition shortly.  Meantime it gives you the same rights and you can develop with it fine, but it will expire (at which point you should just go to the marketplace and get a new one).