The cloud marketplace listings are being updated as we speak; the time required is dependent on the cloud platform's process but all listings should be using this release by the end of this week.   

Thanks for pointing that out, Yuriy - you should now see 2019.1 as a version you can select.

OK, we will get out some of these details.   If you can drop a line about what didn't work that would be great.  - email,  or file something in the WRC, or use the feedback button on the quickstarts -  There is a known issue that you may be looking at w.r.t. limitation on the # databases.   We'll also have a 'call for feedback' on the Developer Community forum about this soon, have a few things to adjust first.

Thanks, John...yes this request is already registered and your lobbying seems to have already started through a different channel ;-)

Hi Wolf - 

You are correct, this preview does not include the upgrade installation from Caché to IRIS.    Still in the works; we'll have more news about this shortly.     

Hi John - for Caché and Ensemble we have just released a 2018.1.1 version, and will shortly have a 2018.1.2. 

We don't plan a 2019.1 version of Cache and Ensemble - we're focused on keeping these stable and adding in specific enhancements as needed, and on making it easy for customers to migrate to InterSystems IRIS when it's right for them.

Hi @David Reche - 

We do plan to make these available from the docker store as well as the major cloud marketplaces and of course via the WRC.    

The idea is to fit smoothly into the DevOps pipelines and toolsets our customers use.

We're working on this, so stay tuned, and in the meantime please use the WRC.

Any and all feedback welcome.

Hello @David Reche - we will have these available in public marketplaces, for sure.  We will announce here when that is available, currently the image is available through WRC.

Thank you, Peter for the great article (and the upcoming series).

I noticed your comment about roadmap. 

I've recently joined InterSystems and have responsibility for this. Appreciate the feedback and will work to address this going forward.

-jeff fried