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· Mar 15, 2022

March 15, 2022 – Alert: Version 2021.1.1 De-Supported

InterSystems has corrected a defect that causes incorrect ObjectScript routine compilation.

This defect exists only in the recently released 2021.1.1 version of:

            InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

            InterSystems IRIS for Health

            HealthShare Health Connect

InterSystems recommends that 2021.1.1 not be used. Incorrect routine compilation occurs silently and can cause unpredictable logic execution. 2021.1.1 versions have been removed from distribution channels.  In the very near future, InterSystems will post a version of the impacted products that corrects the defect; this will be version 2021.1.2.

For reference the correction is identified as CDS3299. Only version 2021.1.1 is impacted by this problem.

If you have any questions regarding this alert, please contact the Worldwide Response Center.

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