· Feb 4, 2020

"Download Caché Evaluation" Link Only Offers IRIS?

The "Download Caché Evaluation" at the top of this forum takes the user to a page that only allows her to download versions of IRIS. What am I missing here? Does IRIS encompass Caché? I've wandered around both on the main website and in the Developer Community site looking for a way to only get Caché... Very frustrating.

I appreciate any help you all can provide. Thanks!

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Hi Christopher,

I'm not sure where you're seeing Download Caché Evaluation, all links show IRIS instead for me. IRIS is the product of the future for InterSystems so it's what is being presented for evaluation. Is there a particular reason that you need Caché? If you are a supported customer you can still get access to Caché through the WRC but if you are looking to try an InterSystems product then IRIS has Caché's capabilities and then some.


The company I work for is a client of Epic Systems Corporation. Their electronic health record system runs on Cache. Since I am not one of our ODBAs, I do not have access through the WRC to download it. I am a business intelligence architect and software engineer, and while most of my work occurs in the relational reporting databases Epic supplies, I often need to research the code that is built into Epic's transactional DB (based on Cache). I can connect to our non-production Cache instances, but cannot (and should not) do anything other than look. My goal was to create an environment on my workstation where I could experiment without risking Epic's code.

I get that you all are promoting the latest product. I'm sure IRIS is fantastic. It just doesn't help me at all for what I want to accomplish.

Thanks anyway!

You can download Windows version of IRIS Community

Load up the Terminal and you can run cache / M code... it also has an IDE similar to Epic Studio.

You can also connect with an IDE such as Eclipse with Atelier plugin to create your scripts...

We use this in conjunction with Epic Studio to review code and etc :)

Hope this helps.


While Epic will be moving to IRIS, I don't think they are starting customer migrations just yet. Because Epic supports specific versions of Cache, Epic distributes those versions. Your DBAs don't download Cache from the WRC, they download it from Epic. Your DBAs can get it for you. Epic doesn't run on Windows, but they do distribute the Windows versions for people to do what you're tying to do.

If you are a current customer or partner, it is still possible to get an evaluation version of Caché.

Log into the WRC distribution portal,
 and you will see Caché evaluation kits.

If you are new to InterSystems technology and want to get familiar with it, or want to develop applications, try InterSystems IRIS.

It incorporates the technology that makes Caché so great, and takes it to another level.

Thanks for pointing out the issue with stale links!

Not sure where this thread went but the simple answer is that IRIS is based on Cache and while it has extensions and enhancements you should still be able to run 'plain' Cache.  It's just a  bigger download.  I have run Cache and Ensemble both have been replaced by IRIS but everything is (or should be) backwards compatible.  The worst you would find is that you use a 'new' feature and should you even need to work on a legacy version you might find it does not work there.  The core learning should be perfectly compatible.