Anastasia Dyubaylo · Nov 11, 2021

A Milestone: 10K Members on Developer Community!

InterSystems Developers,

We adore you! And so excited to share with you all that...

We've now reached an incredible milestone of 10,000 registered members on Developer Community! 🎊

At InterSystems, we believe in the power of community. So we really appreciate all of your contributions throughout these 6 years and look forward to the road ahead!

Want to see some interesting stats from the forum? Here they are!

  • Launched in Dec 2015 
  • Total posts created - 8,6K
  • Questions asked - 5,5K
  • Posts viewed - 4,3M 

We are 6 years together! Can you believe it? 😱

Thank you so much to all of you for your involvement and contributions, for your passion and experience! We truly appreciate all your help in working towards making our Community a better place for InterSystems Developers. You guys are awesome!

Please feel free to share your feelings about being a part of our worldwide family of InterSystems Developers!

And thanks again for being such a lovely Community!

Developer Community Team ❤️

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I'm proud to be a member between the 10,000 very well served DC members by the best IT developer community in the market.

Terrific news - great milestone!!

The Developer Community is my favourite social media site. 30 years ago when I joined InterSystems there were 10 Sales Engineers, we designed our own courses for customers, we bemoaned the fact that there was no IRC channel we could hook into. There was no documentation other than that which came with the product. We had long conversations about how nice it would be if we could share or code, our experiences, the lessons we had learnt. Slowly things began to happen and 20 years later  DC was born and even in the last two years it has doubled in size, has reached Discord and Telegram. You can enter any word related to InterSystems or any of their products into Google and you will get pages and pages of results. It is one of the most active threads on LinkedIn. Congratulations to all of you who have made this possible. Thank you so very very much!

Congratulations on achieving this milestone! Let's keep going!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the team that made this possible!

When I joined ISC ~20 years ago I was shocked that there was no exchange
of information and code between customers. There was just nothing.
As SSE I met customers that didn't know of each other just living within a mile's distance.

I made noise and rumors and proposals to change this.
Located in Vienna(Austria, EU) with no local office I had zero influence.
I was like an alien from the outer edge of the milky way.

Only 4 years ago, 3  years after my retirement from ISC, and just by accident, I met the Community.  
I'm happy that "my personal" dream became so successful true.
Thanks to the amazing team and their many ideas that move the Community forward. 

@Robert Cemper - I am so glad we can frequently stay in touch and share technical ideas 7 years after your retirement via the D.C. :)  thank you for all of your contributions!!

Thanks, everyone! It's an honor to be with you, InterSystems Developer Community these 5 years together with our perfect Developer Ecosystem team!

The community is growing and we hope it brings value to its members - to more than 10,000 people worldwide already!

Thanks for being with us, thanks for your contributions and I wish you all the best, the success in your career and startups, to achieve your development goals and releases! And to stay healthy of course!

Congratulations! DC helped me a lot. good to see DC is growing.

I'm so excited we've crossed 10,000 members! Thank you so much, everyone.  Let's keep going, and make the community even more vibrant and useful to everybody!

It's really great to see the developer community growing to this milestone, it's a great place to meet other members, exchange ideas and new concepts. Congratulations to the whole DC team, keep the community growing! On to the upcoming next 5 years! yesyesyes

Great news and an incredible achievement! Congratulations to the Developer Community Team and to all of us for this wonderful growth!

Thanks to all! So proud of our awesome Developer Community, which is so bright, active, friendly, and supportive to many developers from all parts of the world! I am with the Developer Community since 2016, enjoying it for 5 years already!


We are almost 6 years together!  

Not almost - already. For example, this early post dates November 9th.

Congratulations for that big number! I'm so glad to be part of this big family (...since 2019)! And thanks to all of you who make it possible!

Congratulations. Let's go for 20.000 :-)

Very happy to see this community grow so much! I have been part of such a special group for a year and 2 months.  

Hi, its been 3 wonderful years with DC

What an exciting milestone! I haven't been here for very long but already I can tell that this is a wonderful community to be a part of. Here's to more growth in the future! :)

That's a really significant milestone. Congrats !!!

10K in less than 6 years, means an approx rate of 140 new members each month.
I'm confident that it will take less than 6 years to reach the next 10K members.