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DC Feedback

DC has developed to a rich and useful and active platform for developers in the InterSystems world.
And has a big advantage: It is  really embedded into InterSystems' customer interface.

The sad thing about is that it has a solid base of early adopters but related to the installed base
the growth rate of participants seems to me quite moderate and could be higher.

So I suggest to use the upcoming Global Summit and even more the local events that follow on
(e.g. German Symposium and similar events) to promote DC and bring the message to the local
developers (especially in Europe) that could not attend Global Summit.

Speaking for my area Developers Community and its capacity was rather unknown
or poorly used and it was definitely not pushed.

So massive promotion of DC is required.

I'm neither an artist nor a marketing expert and the subject requires professional assistance.
So as a first kick I have brought down with my simple tools what came to my mind.


Every event where I was last time, Global Summit, German Symposium, Evegeny used to promote Developer Community very well. And not only DC but also advertised some open-source projects which are developed on Caché with some support from InterSystems.

I have one more idea, how about to highlight people who made so much for Developer Community, by overall rating or by just last year, no matter. And everybody may see that those people could be useful to answer some questions. Or just for making personal contacts. I know that some of the leaders of DC, already know each other in person, but DC community is growing so fast, and more people joined with their own very useful knowledge. 

What do you think?

It's good to know that DC is already well established on InterSystems' events.
But anyhow working during the last  2 years very close with a customer the message  of DC got lost.
My interpretation: we didn't reach the developers but just their managers.
So the message message to managers:

You as a manager take advantage giving your people time to use DC as a resource.

I didn't see it from this prospective before.

And YES! It's highly important to bring leaders and also local people together!
Personal contact could / will be a base of trust and confidence in each other.