· Jul 23, 2017

German collation of ß in upper and lower case in Cache 2017

Recently upper case ß was defined as an official character for German
how can this be adjusted in Caché 2017 ?

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You can fix this error directly now, if you don't want to wait for the release of version 2018.1.1.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. make export the locale "deuw"
    %SYS>Locales("deuw")="" d $system.OBJ.DisplayError(##class(Config.NLS.Locales).ExportList("loc_deuw.xml",.t,.Locales)) zw Locales,t
  2. fix the file loc_deuw.xml (by default located in the folder %CACHEHOME%\Mgr)
    Name of subtable
    (Where to insert)
    New lines
    (That to insert)
    Add the following lines to the appropriate subtables:
    COL-German3-Unicode <FromToItem FromToKey="55,55,1">83,83;</FromToItem>
    <FromToItem FromToKey="55,55,2">7838;</FromToItem>
    <FromToItem FromToKey="55,55,3">83,7838;</FromToItem>
    COL-Unicode-German3 <FromToItem FromToKey="7838">55,55;2</FromToItem>
    <FromToItem FromToKey="83,83">55,55;1</FromToItem>
    <FromToItem FromToKey="83,7838">55,55;3</FromToItem>
    LowerCase-Unicode-Unicode <FromToItem FromToKey="7838">223</FromToItem>
    UpperCase-Unicode-Unicode <FromToItem FromToKey="223">7838</FromToItem>
  3. import fixed loc_deuw.xml:
    %SYS>d $system.OBJ.DisplayError(##class(Config.NLS.Locales).ImportAll("loc_deuw.xml",.t,1+2+4)) zw t
    %SYS>d $system.OBJ.DisplayError(##class(Config.NLS.Locales).Compile("deuw"))

    Just in case, restart Caché.

Now, run a small test

#include %systemInclude
#include %occErrors
#include %syNLS
test() public {
  #dim ex As %Exception.AbstractException

  try {
    n $namespace
    s $namespace="%SYS"
    w "Old locale = ",oldLocale,!
    "Current locale = ",$$$LOCALENAME,!!

    w="wei"_$c(223)_"er","weiter","weiser" {
    zw ^||low,^||up
    zw low,up
    zzdump low,up
    "Error "ex.DisplayString(),!


My result:

USER>d ^test
Old locale = rusw
Current locale = deuw
0000: DF                                                      ß
0000: 1E9E                                                    ẞ