(We are in contact with IS support for this problem but I would like to ask Community too, perhaps somebody experienced this problem in the past)

Hello Community,

we need your help with Cache 2017.2 freezing on Linux machine.

Since we moved our primary production Cache from Windows to Linux in the begging of this year, we have experienced system freezing twice. Yesterday without any good reason Cache stopped to respond with the log shown below.


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If two globals have same structure, how to reuse one CacheSQLStorage-based class to read both locations?



Let's say we have two globals:




i.e. the structure difference is global name only.

I would like to have two classes TableA and TableB both are inherited from TableAB, and TableAB taking global name as a parameter.

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A quick question regarding to SQL Query Plan:
Why these two requests have different plans, in particularly, why second request needs temp file? To me, temp file is a bad thing which should be avoided, right?

  1. select * from Test.Log where cdate = 1
  2. select * from Test.Log where cdate > 1

Plan for 1:

Read index map Test.Log.cdateIndex, using the given %SQLUPPER(cdate), and looping on ID.
For each row:
Read master map Test.Log.IDKEY, using the given idkey value.
Output the row.

Plan for 2:

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I'm getting this compilation error:

Kompilieren der Klasse digi.packet
FEHLER #5002: Caché-Fehler: <FUNCTION>zLockUse+5^%ExtentMgr.GlobalRegistry.1
> FEHLER #5030: Während der Kompilierung von Klasse 'digi.packet' ist ein Fehler aufgetreten

when importing one of my classes on the production server into one particular namespace:

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Time after time on CSP Session page of our Cache 2017.2.1 installation I see that all licenses are consumed by CSP sessions of /csp/sys, /csp/sys/op/and /csp/sys/mgr applications which I assume are sessions of Management Portal. The problem is that there are only few of us accessing the Portal and as we test by browsing Portal, we can't reproduce the problem.

Is there any way to see client IP of CSP session? Any other way to approach the problem?

The problem looks very similar to the Forefox-related one but we don't use Forefox.

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Today %SYS.Namespace.ListAll started to report one namespace, for example USER, two times: once as "USER" and once as USER's database "^^c:\databases\user".

Details: my Cache instance has 50+ local namespaces. Today I have "touched" 3 of them (imported new classes), and now ListAll reports each of these 3 twice. Looks like ListAll is the only one who sees those strange duplicates, in all other places (Portal, Studio) only USER is shown.

Can someone explain what is happening?

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I have classes A and B, B derived from A, A has method Abc.

From INT of class B I see that compiler copies implementation of Abc to class B, so that Abc exists both in A and B.

As result, when B invokes Abs, B.Abs() is executed instead of A.Abs(). In result debuger is not able to step into Abs and breakpoints in A.Abs never hit.

Why this happens and how can I avoid this?


OK, now I know the reason: compiler makes the copy if Abc has this line:

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