Cache Studio: Debug->Go fails with error 6704

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All of the sudden, Cache Studio's Debug->Run command started to fail with error '6704 Target has exited debugger' (German: Kein Anbinden möglich). What could be a reason of that? Today we installed Cache Web Terminal (
), could it be possible that the terminal somehow hijacked some debugging api end-point?

Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2017.2.2


Update: any idea what error 6704 means exactly? Studio was able to launch debugging job but it unexpectedly exited? German text seems is trying to say "Can't connect"

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Hello Arto!

Thank you for letting us know. I don’t think that WebTerminal could cause any damage to Studio/debugger. At least, you can try to completely remove WebTerminal by deleting WebTerminal classes (right click in Studio or select classes in the Management Portal -> Delete) and test it again. But anyway it has nothing in common with studio nor debugger.

Apart from that, what are you trying to debug? It might be you just misusing it, but I believe you did it before successfully.

Hope this helps!

Ok, thanks for the response. 

We have been using the debugger for many years so we are pretty sure how to use it.

This error may happen in case if your routine or class, executed but the debugger did not catch any breakpoint.

Are you sure that you have a breakpoint set successfully?

Could you try how debugger in VSCode-ObjectScript works in your case?

No, it is not about breakpoints.  With no breakpoints set, the debugger will just exit without any error messages and with two lines printed into Output window:

Das Programm wurde beendet.
Ziel hat den Debugger beendet

But now, with one particular database, I'm getting popup window with "#error 6704 Kein Anbinden möglich'
which I never seen for > 10 years of using the debugger.