Arto Alatalo · Mar 10, 2022

Alternatives to View Journal

Is View Journal of Cache Management Portal the only way to search in Cache journals? I need a way to define several search conditions and Portal often breaks on http timeout.

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in namespace %SYS you may run DO ^JRNDUMP  from the terminal prompt

Hi Robert,

JRNDUMP does solve the timeout issue, but searching with it looks really challenging.

There's documentation and examples for searching using JRNDUMP here. Using SELECT^JRNDUMP is very handy to find a specific address(es) which you can then jump straight to in the Management Portal to get a view of what else was going on around that particular entry.

Oh, thank you, that looks promisingyes

You could also use the class  %SYS.Journal.File

Set JournalFile = ##class(%SYS.Journal.File).%OpenId(EXISTING_JOURNAL_FILE)
Set JournalRecord = JournalFile.FirstRecordGet()
While (JournalRecord '= "") {
  Here you can program your search criteria example:
  If JournalRecord.%IsA("%SYS.Journal.SetKillRecord") {
   insert your code

Check documentation for further hints.

Journal files are also exposed as SQL (readonly) tables. In theory, you could write SQL statements to search/filter.