Arto Alatalo · May 5, 2020

ERROR #5005: Cannot open file '/var/cache/cache.cpf_3458', why?

Every time I click Save on  System > Configuration > Memory and Startup page, I get "ERROR #5005: Cannot open file '/var/cache/cache.cpf_XXX' " error message, where XXX is a random number. This problem appeared some time ago without any clear reason. All file access right are seems OK.

Any ideas?

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If this is a problem with a supported Caché license, then please feel free to raise it with Support.

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Did you check the owner and group of the /var/cache directory as well as its permissions.  It should be owned by the start/stop user defined during the install and with a group of cacheusr with permissions 775.  Also check the cache.cpf file as its permissions matter since this is an attempt to save the file before posting changes.


With IS support's help this issue is solved now. There were some mistakes in the installation of the Cache instance causing some permission troubles. Thanks for your time.