minimum platform version of InterSystems IRIS 2018.1

Porting old apps with a framework available on new version of the platform (IRIS) only, no contradictions here? :) Is there something fundamental preventing the framework from being used on Cache too?

@Murray Oldfield 

I'm getting similar error with latest container version:

ValueError: time data '19.05.2020' does not match format '%d/%m/%Y'

19.05.2020 00:00:00
avg-cpu:  %user   %nice %system %iowait  %steal   %idle
           0,75    0,00    0,10    0,04    0,00   99,11

@Murray Oldfield 
Current version of documentation says regarding to the update
This utility may be updated between releases. The latest version is available on the WRC distribution site under Tools

The xml indeed can be downloaded from WRC but no word neither about pButtons version not the way to install it. Should I simple import the xml into %SYS?

Hi Daniel,

well, my problem is as simple as this: I have data of same structure stored in two different globals and I want to read it with  SQL-mapped storage. It would be too boring to have two identical classes with the only difference in the location.

Oho, that's interesting. I've never heard about NextCode feature.  Thank you.

Global name indeed can be passed with a class parameter this way

<NextCode>s {L1}=$o(@("^"_##class(Mapping.TwoGlobals).#TableName)@({L1}))  </NextCode>

but the query execution fails with a SYNTAX error that I haven't solved so far.

With IS support's help this issue is solved now. There were some mistakes in the installation of the Cache instance causing some permission troubles. Thanks for your time.

Thank you for this interesting info. But indeed on first place I'm interested to know why the system always worked fine on Windows (with very same load) but fails on Linux.