Management Portal eats all licenses

Time after time on CSP Session page of our Cache 2017.2.1 installation I see that all licenses are consumed by CSP sessions of /csp/sys, /csp/sys/op/and /csp/sys/mgr applications which I assume are sessions of Management Portal. The problem is that there are only few of us accessing the Portal and as we test by browsing Portal, we can't reproduce the problem. 

Is there any way to see client IP of CSP session? Any other way to approach the problem?

The problem looks very similar to the Forefox-related one but we don't use Forefox.

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Check if in your Browser Cookies are enabled.

I just killed my license just by disabling cookies. And getting a new session for every click.

Thanks for the tip, but as I mentioned, so far we were not able to reproduce the problem, it comes time after time without evident reasons.

That's why I'm looking for a way to find out details of the client created the session.


When you view the CSP Sessions page in Portal, does the "License Id" column give you any useful information?

The Id is a string of random characters, like VAzZwAod6o. And I need a way to get some more details about the session.

It sounds like you're seeing the same value in the "License Id" column as in the "ID" column. So I guess your Cache was installed with Minimal security and you're not requiring Portal users to supply credentials, right?

It's my experience that when CSP users (e.g. Portal users) have to authenticate, the "License Id" field of their CSP Session record includes the IP address they're connecting from, as well as the username they logged in with. This can be useful in working out who is using all the sessions.

Thanks, good to know. Sounds like the authentication is simplest way to make the thing clear.