I am getting error , where can I find cterm?

C:\InterSystems\IRISHealth\bin>cterm /console=cn_ap:ENSEMBLE[USER]
'cterm' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.



Thanks, Julius Kavay

ENCODE to base64 is working for me now as per your suggested code snippet.

Here I have another issue after the conversation.

I need to send the converted string in the JSON property "Filecontent" to the REST outbound.

FilecontentdataType is String, which exceeds the size when I assign this converted stream to String.

I have changed the Filecontent dataType to Stream, but when I convert the object to JSON ,  it is ignoring this property.

could you please any suggestions will be very much helpful?



thanks Robert ,

seems scope is not a problem , just I have changed in where condition Status='5'  

sql(SELECT count(ID) into :suspendedCount FROM Ens.MessageHeader where TargetQueueName not like '_S%' and TargetQueueName not like 'ENS%' and Status='5')

working fine

but same query  resulting 0 records in sql explorer, and revert the where condition working fine in sql explorer

why the difference where condition requiring for @sql ,sql explorer

thanks a lot,