prashanth ponugoti · Feb 28

How to make my webpage (csp page ) unauthenticated

I have created person.csp in my namespace using studio and view->webpage then web page opened in below url



I have crated new web application  as /csp/test. only change is selected unauthenticated


it should open same webpage , but showing "Invalid Action"

please help me what should i do.

I need a csp page which should not ask any authentication




Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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@prashanth ponugoti - a couple of things to look at:

1) When you open the first link in /csp/healthshare does it open for you after authenticating?

2) Is your /csp/test web application definition set to work in the same namespace as /csp/healthshare?

3) Is a copy of your person.csp file moved to the web application root that you defined for /csp/test?

Hope that helps get you started on finding a solution.

A little bit of guessing from my side. behind your page /csp/test/person.csp
there is a namespace  (eg. USER)  with DB user 
If you have no login page you run as "UnknownUser" 
If it has no access rights or appropriate roles (most likely) for this DB behind you are lost;

2 possible workarounds: 

  1. give "UnknownUser"  enough rights for this Namespace and/or DB. 
    • but this is then valid not just to this specific CSP page
    • not really recommendable
  2. create a new user with the required rights
    • on your CSP page you can assign this user undercover by method
    • %CSP.Session.Login() and you have PW under control
    • no need  to touch "UnknownUser"