· Mar 9, 2022

How to import exported classes from studio into vscode?

Hi Community,

We are not using github or any source safe till now. We have ensemble hl7 interfaces (business services, processes, operations)available in production. Now we want to deploy these interfaces to a brand new cloud server with iris instance.

Here in current production we have studio access but new cloud server iris we have only vscode access.

I have exported all the classes from current production using  Studio and  I have exported xml file with me.

How to import this exported file into VS CODE to deploy classes in a new cloud server?

Does VS CODE have any option to import cls files form exported xml file??

Could you please help me, it is very urgent to do it.

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Hi Prashanth,  you do need to import these classes into the IRIS cloud instance's database.  (VSCode then accesses the cloud instance and pulls the code locally for editing in a local folder, or, access IRIS remotely for editing there).

To use VSCode, the VSCode connection to IRIS uses the IRIS SuperServer port to access IRIS in order to compile classes. Therefore, this port must be open from the cloud instance.

With this open SuperServer port, a local instance of IRIS Studio could be started, connected to IRIS, and then used to perform the import. Studio menu: Tools -> Import Local...

If you do not have Studio installed locally on your desktop yet, you can use the Management Portal, by going to  the menu System Explorer-> Classes -> Import  (after selecting your desired namespace).  On the dialog window asking for a file, you should be able to specify 'My Local machine' and the browser will look locally for the XML file to import into the instance.

Alternatively, you need to copy the XML file to the cloud instance, (using ftp, or other means), and from an IRIS Session, use the ##CLASS(%SYSTEM.OBJ).Import utility to import the XML file from the command line.