· Oct 6, 2022

How to create desk top icon for InterSystems terminal command

Hi Friends,

I have created an object script class method to anonymize live hl7 messages with some info masking.

To anonymize files ,  I need to place live messages in d://input folder and need to execute the below command in the Intersystems terminal

do ##class(prashanth.tool.HL7Annonymiser).processFilesInDir("D:\Input\")

ANONYMIZED files will be generated in D:\output\"  folder.

everything is working fine.

Here when i need to annonymise some files ,

1) I need to open terminal (iris)

2) connected to user

3) change to my namespace

4) run classmethod command 

I am looking for a solution, where i will place files in input folder and , I will click some icon in desktop.

Could you please guide me , how to create windows icon for above 4 steps? (need to create some bat file)


I used to do create a desktop icons to run any specific java program.


Is it possible to execute InterSystems terminal commands on windows CMD?

Thanks in advance


Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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