Thanks David for your immediate response. Could you please guide me to resolve this issue.

Just i need to create sample soap in ensemble production.

Below  is the  configuration for webapplication , still iam getting below error while testing from soapui.

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:s="" xmlns:wsse="">
         <faultstring>The security token could not be authenticated or authorized</faultstring>

Hi Pravin,

Thanks for your immediate support.

Yes it seems SSL issue. But similar configuration in my laptop (local) . But my TEST-CLUSTER which is 2017 cache , i am getting issue. If version issue is not there then I am suspecting some firewall issue in test-cluster.

After checking with Network team , I will update more details.

Thanks again

Hi All

Set sc httpRequest.Post("", 2)

I tried to sc to loginfo below output I received. Any clue to resolve this issue. Please help me.

ENSEMBLEÇ'e^zCheckSSLCN+48^%Net.HttpRequest.1^1"e^zSend+188^%Net.HttpRequest.1^1 e^zPost+1^%Net.HttpRequest.1^1Se^zinvokeTokenAPI+13^THH.DocmanConnect.BusinessOperation.DocmanConnectTokenOP.1^1Re^zMessageHandler+6^THH.DocmanConnect.BusinessOperation.DocmanConnectTokenOP.1^1Ye^zMessageHeaderHandler+23^THH.DocmanConnect.BusinessOperation.DocmanConnectTokenOP.1^1e^zOnTask+42^Ens.Host.1^1e^zStart+62^Ens.Job.1^2$d^StartEnsembleJob+6^|"%SYS"|STU^1d^^^0