Hello Vic,
Thank you for response!
Unfortunately, this also doesn't work for me (uppercase GBL & no wildcard in exclusion):

^^data_dir>set list("Ens*.GBL,'Ens.MessageBodyD.GBL")=""
^^data_dir>write $SYSTEM.OBJ.Export(.list, "/tmp/globals.xml")

Btw, I'm using IRIS 2020:

IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for x86-64 Containers) 2020.1 (Build 215U)

Thank you for response!
But it looks like documentation should be updated in that case as it provides such an example -)

You can also use ? or * wild cards and if you wish to exclude items pass ' before the item name which also supports wild card, e.g. "User.*.cls,'User.T*.cls".

@David Foard IKO is just a pod, and it runs IRIS pods, so it could be running in an existing cluster. I also think, it worth to use some kind of Network Policies in that case. Regarding IKO usage experience - don't have a such in production, but going to try it for async mirroring soon.

Hi David,
Thanks -) Regarding a meaning - it's taken from mgstat source-code (%SYS, routine mgstat.int).
Starting point was a line 159 in my local Cache 2017.1:

i maxeccon s estats=$p($system.ECP.GetProperty("ClientStats"),",",1,21),array($i(i))=+$system.ECP.NumClientConnections(),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",2),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",6),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",7),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",19),array($i(i))=$p(estats,",",20)

Then I guessed a meaning from a subroutine "heading" (line 289).

But the best option for you, I think, is to ask WRC. Support is very good.

Metrics in this approach are stored in Prometheus. As Prometheus is time-series database, you can store any numeric metric there either counter or gauge.

@Arto Alatalo At that time i've used Prometheus as a central monitoring system for hosts, services and Cache as well.
Also Simple JSON plugin should be improved to provide similar to Prometheus/Grafana functionality, at least at that moment  I've looked at it last time.