Mikhail Khomenko · Jan 3, 2018

Monitoring using Huge Pages in Cache (Linux)

Hi, all!
As I know, InterSystems recommends the use of Huge Pages. And if count of Huge Pages is enough, we'll see (in cconsole.log) something like this during Cache startup:

12/29/17-14:40:50:360 (3625) 0 Allocated 4630MB shared memory using Huge Pages: 4096MB global buffers, 256MB routine buffers

But if count of Huge Pages is not enough for location of all Globals and Routines caches, Cache won't use Huge Pages.

The question is: does it exist any metrics (API) in Cache (not in OS), that can show us if Cache uses (or not) Huge Pages currently?


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Hi, Murray! Thanks for an answer!

Yes, that article is brilliant. And I was inspired to monitor as much as we can about Cache memory usage from inside Cache, because it will give us the opportunity to have one "monitoring" class (with a lot of API calls) to gather many Cache-connected metrics. Of course, a lot of metrics we should gather from OS as well.
Ok, let HugePages usage to be an OS-metrics.

Best regards!