David Foard · Sep 16, 2021

Best practices for IRIS and Kubernetes

Does InterSystems have any best practices for deploying IRIS into Kubernetes? For example one question we have is should IRIS have a dedicated AKS cluster or can it be added to an existing cluster?


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Unfortunately this doesn't really address my question. I'm looking for real world use of IKO.

That is my plan to attend the IKO session today and Friday. Hoping for some enlightenment on the topic.

@David Foard IKO is just a pod, and it runs IRIS pods, so it could be running in an existing cluster. I also think, it worth to use some kind of Network Policies in that case. Regarding IKO usage experience - don't have a such in production, but going to try it for async mirroring soon.

We've tried to package up our best practices for deploying IRSI in K8s into the InterSystems Kubernetes Operator.  In other words, instead of documenting everything, we built a tool that automates what can be automated.

That said, it doesn't cover everything.  Your example question is a good one - should IRIS clusters be deployed into the same kubernetes cluster as your other workloads?  The right answer to that depends on your exact needs.

In general, you shouldn't deploy IRIS into a different Kubernetes cluster than the rest of your kubernetes-managed application.  However, I'd consider doing it if there were strong architectural/compliance reasons to keep the IRIS cluster separated from other applications.  

Feel free to reach out if you want someone to go over your situation give more proscriptive advice.