My Ensemble platform worked well before.

Since yesterday , I found out lot of slow request ,I opened trace for one message.

as above shown.

It take about 8s from HisEmrRouter to ADTRoutingRule.

In my opinion, HisEmrRouter And ADTRoutingRule is Simple Rule, should't do IO operation. should be pure compute.

Why does it take so long to process the routing?

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I want to call some Java Remote Call through Java gateway. The call code as following:

class CallRemote Extends %CSP.REST {

Method Index() as %Status {


set gw = createJavaGateway()

Do callJavaMethod(gw)

do gw.%Disconnect()

Catch {




But Every call need connect to Java Gateway and disconnect it. But It's cost too high( about 80ms)

So, According to my Java experences, I need create some connection and put it into global static ConnectionPool

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Common macro def as following

#def AnyNumber(%args) for i=1:1:$listlength(%args) { Write $listget(%args, i)}

Using this marcro in objectscript code:

ClassMethod Test() as %Status {



if ths args is literal value , Iit worked great. But When I want pass Objects, It's not working


I know I can pass a %ListObjects , If I want more shorter Line. How can I do this.


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I put a html file into ensemble dir ,it's encoding is utf-8.

But when I access this file througn browser, It show incorrectly

I checked http response header, It content-type charset is GB18030 So that's reason

How to change the charset to UTF-8?


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I have java language experence. If I need parse a binary tcp packet . like following format

encoded string and send it to peer by tcp

1byte msg type + 4 byte(unsigned int) + raw byte(body)

To parse this package , Some Java code like this:

byte[] data = new byte[1024];

Bytebuf buf = new ByteBuf(data)

byte type = buf.read()

int len = buf.ReadInt()

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My HIS System is a Microservice architecture base dubbo. To call remote service must through dubbo rpc.

But , I canot direct call his's dubbo service because ensemble cannot support dubbo protocol.

So I want to add support to ensemble.

where Can I start?

Does ensemble has low level interface like dll or linux so, I can add dubbo support to the ensemble just by implementing these interfaces.

I known java Gateway maybe ok, but I want to direct not throught middle layer to do this.

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Recently, I meet some problem at product env.

Some outside http request send to my Business Service. cause service very slow down. So I want find root cause . But at the message trace page. I can't found any source address . But at Product env. I can't install packet capturer like wireshark . I meet some problem.

And Second. Does ensemble can limit request speed at Business Service? too many requests slowdown my service.


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· May 21, 2020
why http performance so bad?


iris version: IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for x86-64 Containers) 2019.4 (Build 383U) Fri Dec 6 2019 08:49:54 EST

os: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

memory: 16G

Disk: 256G SSD

Iris config: default.

soft/hard limit: 65535

I build follow simplest flow to do performance test.

1. create A EnsLib.HTTP.GenericService name it IncomingHTTPService listen on 9980

checked create connection per request

Keepalived = 0

Qsize = 1000

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· Apr 20, 2020
How to customize message view?

Due to bussiness requirements.I want to add some bussiness field on intersystem message view ui .


1. add new action page to display bussiness detail

2. add new function to do more Fine-grained things.

3. add new database field in message table.

finally, I hope get more detail of messae view due to customize it.


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