· Aug 26, 2020

how to add third party rpc framework support to ensemble?


   My HIS System is a Microservice architecture base dubbo.  To call remote service must through dubbo rpc. 

But , I canot direct call his's dubbo service because ensemble cannot support dubbo protocol.

So I want to add support to ensemble.

where Can I start?

Does ensemble has low level interface like dll or linux so,  I can add dubbo support to the ensemble just by implementing these interfaces.

I known java Gateway maybe ok, but I want to direct not throught middle layer to do this.


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All ISC products (Ensemble, Cache, IRIS...) have an callin and callout interface via dll/so.  As a starting point, read this

and this

You will also need some experience in C/C++ or Delphi or in other language, where you can compile *.dll (Win) or *.so (Linux) files.

See the functions $zf(-3), $zf(-4), $zf(-5) and $zf(-6)