· May 21, 2020

why http performance so bad?


iris version: IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for x86-64 Containers) 2019.4 (Build 383U) Fri Dec 6 2019 08:49:54 EST

os: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

memory: 16G

Disk: 256G SSD

Iris config: default.

soft/hard limit: 65535

I build follow simplest flow to do performance test.

1. create A EnsLib.HTTP.GenericService name it IncomingHTTPService listen on 9980

checked create connection per request

Keepalived = 0

Qsize = 1000

2. create A EnsLib.HTTP.GenericOperation name it OutgoingHTTPOperator to connect localhost:8080(it's a nginx server serve a static html page)

3. connect line from IncomingHTTPService to OutgoingHTTPOperator.


I use jmeter to execute load test, the config params as follow:

Number of  threads: 1

Loop Count: Infinite 

But I got a  not good performance report.  About half request failed. And throughput is too small. 

Do I need tune some system param in order to improve http performance?



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This isn't enough information to answer definitively, as we don't really know whether there is a limitation on the client side or the server side. You should check IRIS' messages.log file. My best guess is that the errors may be due to running out of licenses. Either way, I think it's worth engaging the WRC on this, as a lot of setup-specific information is going to be required to get to the bottom of it.