· Sep 3, 2020

How to handle raw byte data naturally

I  have java  language experence. If I need parse a binary tcp packet . like following format

encoded string and send it to peer by tcp

1byte msg type + 4 byte(unsigned int) + raw byte(body)

To parse this package , Some Java code like this:

byte[] data = new byte[1024];

Bytebuf buf  = new ByteBuf(data)

byte type =

int len = buf.ReadInt()

byte[] bodyBuff = new byte[len]


String str = new String(strBody)

So, does Objectscript have similar functionality to achieve similar results?


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let's have  your  binary  input in variable data 

JAVA                                  ObjectScript
byte[] data = new byte[1024];                                            ;
Bytebuf buf  = new ByteBuf(data)      set buf=data              ; make your work copy  
byte type =                set type=$extract(buf)    ; if type = character 
                                      set type=$ascii(buf)      ; if type = binary
int len = buf.ReadInt()               set len=$zlascii($extract(buf,2,5))           ; if order low->high
                                      set len=$zlascii($reverse($extract(buf,2,5))) ; li order high->low
byte[] bodyBuff = new byte[len]       
String str = new String(strBody)      set str=$extract(buf,6,*) ; take rest of buf

from the description there are 2 open points:

  • is type a binary value or a character   
  • for length it could be
  • -         low byte first   so 515  => x/02 03 00 00  ;  default
  • -  or high byte first  so  515 => x/00 00 02 03   ;  need to reverse order

therefore I have added both variants