@Regilo Regilio Guedes de Souza , late 2020 dropbox deprecated long lived tokens , and went to a refresh_token approach instead.  If you use the dropbox sdk the transition gets handled for you, but if not (and pretty sure we do not), what it entails is adding `token_access_type=offline` to the token request... this may need to be included a little deeper under the hood.

I see the MFT api has "IsAuthorized()" so it would be possible to do a check before hand in a process and manually invoke something, but I dont see the magic behind the UI's "GetAccessToken" in the UI.

Ill keep you posted!


This is a great resource, nice work and a top chapter in this series for sure.

There seems to be different ways to approach declared IRIS state by codifying things, you can codify the exported objects and import them or like you mentioned, use the installer method that builds things as code.... which I have had pretty good success with in the past, like Tasks below.

<Method name="CreateClaims">

Set configItems = $LISTBUILD(

"Return payload from customer",
"create 835 from adjudicated claims",

for i = 1:1:$LISTLENGTH(configItems) {

    Set item = $LISTGET(configItems, i)
    Set Task=##Class(%SYS.Task).%OpenId($LISTGET(item,1))

    if 'Task {

        Set Task = ##Class(%SYS.Task).%New()
        Set Task.Name = $LISTGET(item,2)
        Set Task.Description = $LISTGET(item,3)
        Set Task.NameSpace = "USER"
        Set Task.Type = 2
        Set Task.TaskClass= $LISTGET(item,4)
        Set Task.TimePeriod = 5
        Do Task.idSet($LISTGET(item,1))
        Set Task.RunAsUser = "intersystems"
        Set status=Task.%Save()




In the FHIR Accelerator you can head to "Data Management -> Bundle Operations" and find sample scenarios in there.  At the end of the day theses are bundles generated by Synthea so you can upload populations you create from that tool directly in for your use.  If you want some help generating a specific population give us a hint and can help with that during that hack.


Follow up here,  apache conf needed a directive for the move forward.

The previous Gateway/IRIS combination did not require the below apache directive, but the upgraded setup certainly required.

<Location />

Docs do not really show it called out directly to turn on this apache directive for the root at all in the documentation but that is what was done to make it compatible in the declared version combination in case you run into this combo on similar configurations.

Thanks to Connie at the WRC for taking an in-depth look in short order.

Follow up here on the implementation of @Eduard Lebedyuk 's suggestion for the community and Google Geuse...

New $Namespace
Set $Namespace = "%SYS"
Set tSC = $$$OK
Set tSC = ##class(Security.Roles).Create("VSCODE")
Set tQuery = "GRANT EXECUTE ON %Library.RoutineMgr_StudioOpenDialog TO VSCODE"
Set tStatement = ##class(%SQL.Statement).%New()
Set tSC = tStatement.%Prepare(tQuery)
Set tResultSet = tStatement.%Execute()
Set pProp("MatchRoles")=":%EnsRole_Developer:VSCODE"
Set tSC = ##class(Security.Applications).Modify("/api/atelier", .pProp)
Quit tSC

What timezone is the deadline for the 20th ?  I am looking at the eleventh hour here if I can pull it off and was wondering if I have until midnight 2/20 EST.