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Ron Sweeney · Aug 21

IRIS Tables in dbt (Data Build Tool) with Python

![image](/sites/default/files/inline/images/dbt-iris.png) ## Summary A Quick start to include InterSystems IRIS Tables in Data Build Tool using Python. It uses
Jack Boulton · Mar 16

LOAD DATA does not insert all rows and leaves no message for failed rows

to be kept in mind. now I would recommend to look at dbt tool, which has support for IRIS, and may probably support older versions too, and it works with CSV quite easy, and can create
Olga Zavrazhnova · Feb 14

Community Roundtable: AI / ML>> dbt-iris>> Thanks @Olga.Zavrazhnova2637 for the arrangement of Community Roundtable and for the updates @Muhammad.Waseem thank you for coming!
Evgeny Shvarov · Aug 29

Technology Bonuses for InterSystems Python Programming Contest 2023

- 3 Python Pex Interoperability - 4 Python libs: sqlalchemy and dbt - 2 LLM AI or LangChain usage: Chat GPT, Bard and others - 4 NoObjectScriptLine - 5 Questionnaire - 2
Olga Zavrazhnova · Nov 16

InterSystems Developer Community Roundtable - November 30 2023

, Analytics Product Management, InterSystems2. Building "data products" with dbt and InterSystems IRIS - by @Thomas.Dyar Product Manager, Machine Learning, InterSystems We
Robert Cemper · Sep 8

Reviews on Open Exchange - #31

15 dbt-iris What's the message ? 3.5 Thank you @Robert.Cemper1003 for your more than generous evaluation of QuinielaML! Today I had to process a rather
Anastasia Dyubaylo · Mar 24

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and IntegratedML Contest

with Pandas, Flask or FastAPI django-iris driver for Django dbt-iris adapter for dbt Give it a try and let me know if you have any issues with them, I can help to solve ![yes](https
Evgeny Shvarov · Sep 20

Technological Bonuses Results for the InterSystems Python Programming Contest 2023

Python Pex Interoperability Python libs: sqlalchemy and dbt LLM AI or LangChain NoObjectScriptLine Questionnaire Find a bug in Embedded Python Docker