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Create FHIR REST Client

Add a credential to login the FHIR REST interface - in this case only consider a basic authentication



Add Service Registry  - in this case only consider a basic authentication

- setup a HTTP service

- input the Path to the FHIR Server

- input the URL to the FHIR service

- use the credential profiled


Add a "HS.FHIRServer.Interop.HTTPOperation"

Choose the Service Name


Test the FHIR Client


Trace the test result

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I know this is not using OAuth, but OAuth is just the Authentication method.

When I attempt to do something similar to search Patient for identifier=OSUMRN|xxxxx I keep getting a 404 not found error. Nothing is showing up within the ISCLOG under %SYS globals. Is there anyway I can see the trace of making the calls to verify that the correct API's are being called in the correct format? What is the magic chant to get the ISCLOG to capture the information?

I use these globals to take a peak at the calls:

	Set ^FSLogChannel("all")=1
    zn "%SYS"
    Kill ^%ISCLOG 
	Kill ^ISCLOG 
	Set ^%ISCLOG=5 
	Set ^%ISCLOG("Category","HSFHIR")=5 
	Set ^%ISCLOG("Category","HSFHIRServer")=5 
	Set ^%ISCLOG("Category","OAuth2")=5 
	Set ^%ISCLOG("Category","OAuth2Server")=5



in the fhir namespace.

Shows the route, params and helpful with oauth2/SMART where the route has to match the patientid in the token.