When I open a class in VS Code and I want to save it I'm getting the following error : Non-JSON response to /api/atelier/v7/DEV/doc/API.Mollie.Execute.cls?ignoreConflict=0 request. Is the web server suppressing detailed errors?

Also I always get a popup when I open VS Code "The extension wants to sign in using InterSystems Server Credentials."

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I'm testing IRIS 2020.4 Preview with preview key.

I've access to the management portal but I can't connect with Studio.

This is my docker-command : docker run --name my-iris --detach --publish 9091:51773 --publish 9092:52773 --volume C:\Docker\iris_external:/external –-volume C:\Docker\iris_durable:/durable –-env ISC_DATA_DIRECTORY=/durable/irissys containers.intersystems.com/intersystems/iris:2020.4.0.524.0 --key /external/iris.key --password-file /external/password.txt

I notice that Caché Direct is disabled by the license.

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We're having troubles with working over Telnet on Caché Unicode with WRQ Reflection.

We can't input extended characters (é,à,Ø,...), DELETE-key doesn't work, ...

Has anyone a solution for working with WRQ Reflection or a decent alternative ?

We tried Putty and Caché-terminal but these are not sufficent.


Kurt Hofman.

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Hello, I'm trying to install CSP Gateway on Ubuntu 18.04 (Apache) with the installer CSPGateway-2018.1.1.638.0-lnxubuntux64.tar.gz but it doesn't seem to work. I keep getting access-denied when I try to open CSP-pages or the CSP Management portal.

Does someone have an installation-manual or so ?

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