· May 7, 2019

Intersystems Caché Unicode and telnet-access


We're having troubles with working over Telnet on Caché Unicode with WRQ Reflection.

We can't input extended characters (é,à,Ø,...), DELETE-key doesn't work, ...

Has anyone a solution for working with WRQ Reflection or a decent alternative ?

We tried Putty and Caché-terminal but these are not sufficent.



Kurt Hofman.

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The main thing I can suggest is to verify that the client and server agree on the encoding. It's been years since I've used Reflection; hopefully it supports UTF-8. Check your settings and/or documentation.

When you're in a Caché session, look at the value of the $zmode special variable:

USER>w $zm

I'm not sure offhand what determines the default I/O translation table for a terminal, but if you see "RAW" instead of "UTF8", you can set it manually:

USER>u 0:(/IOT="UTF8")

USER>w $zm

Hi Kurt,

Some old terminal emulators cannot work with UTF8.

I used AniTa which had the same problem connecting to a Caché Unicode server.

I tried TeraTerm which is free and can at least work with UTF8 and VT320 emulation, but i haven't tried all our terminal tricks yet to see if it can do the job for 100%.

Once you start TeraTerm, don't forget to change in Setup->General the language to UTF-8,.

Setup -> Save Setup will save all your changes to a Teraterm.ini file so they will be in effect the next time.