Hi Nilson,

Check the credentials (username and password) the error reported was "Access denied".

Hi Harshdeep,

The error invalid of is like a Java NullPointerException  or NullReferenceException of .Net.

Check if intFaceDao or InterfaceDaoa are valid objects. Put these macros in you code e execute a test.

$$$LOGINFO("Check intFaceDado " _ ..Adapter.intFaceDao)
 $$$LOGINFO("Check DaoInterfaceDado" _ ..Adapter.intFace.DaoInterfaceDao)

After execution, see in the Envent Log the result.


Hi Prashanth,

You need to create another web application with Authentication Method equal unauthenticated.

Default web application:

Unauthenticated Web Application:

Samples of access:


Cristiano José da Silva.

HI @phillip jack,

Like @Eduard Lebedyuk told, the better way is using stored procedures written in COS, but if you want to use only SQL you can try this:


If you change the serial object and add more properties increment the outer $LISTGET last parameter


Cristiano José da Silva.

Hi Philip,

The SQL projection of the property Skill of class myclass.DataBase is compounded by 3 $List.

To Insert via SQL use the following statement:

INSERT INTO myclass.DataBase VALUES ('My ID', $LISTBUILD($LISTBUILD($LISTBUILD('PSkill Value','OSkill Value'))))


Cristiano José da Silva

Harshdeep ,

Yes, for each version you need a specific transformation, but from a single message you can transform and route to a different HL7 versions and systems using Routing Productions

See the documentation: Routing Production

Cristiano Silva.