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Unable to access web Gateway via IIS


I've installed Ensemble 2018 then enabled IIS from Win features, then realized that CSPGateway doesn't exit so I downloaded and installed CSPGateway-2018 from WRC.

so now I'm trying to set up a Website application and facing some issues, and I think IIS and CSPGateway in inetpub are not connecting or synchronising properly but mostly is accessing Web gateway via IIS my understanding is that I can access using the following url http://machinename/csp/bin/Systems/Module.cxw  using my machinename or IP but it's not happening.

I can access the gateway from Managment portal with this url http://localhost/csp/bin/Systems/Module.cxw 

do I need to have IIS installed in windows features before installing Ensemble!?



Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
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Hi @Rochdi Badis 

If you install Ensemble before install ISS, you need to setup the CSPModule manually in IIS. If ISS is intalled before install Enemble, the Ensemble install setup the CSP Module on IIS for you.

For more information read the documentation: 

Web Servers for Microsoft Windows | CSP Gateway Configuration Guide | Caché & Ensemble 2018.1.4 – 2018.1.9 (

Watch the Webinar Configuring IIS for Better Performance and Security with (

It's long time I don't install Ensemble 2018, why are you still using Ensemble and not IRIS?

I just tested installing Ensemble 2018 and CSP Gateway is properly installed and configured.

When the setup kit is run the first dialog is:

Do you get the same dialog? What option you choose?
As you can see it is also possible to install only the CSP Gateway component.

If you choose Custom then this dialog is displayed:

As you can see the option to install CSP Gateway for IIS is there.

If I proceed to the install, at the end I have the CSP Gateway properly configured in C:\inetpub\CSPGateway

In order to help you, apart from saying that is not being installed, can you provide some information on what you are actually doing and what do you actually see/get during install?

I can always install the Gateway as I have already just installed it but the reason why I'm asking is that because after installing the gateway from CSPGateway installer my application didn't work and was wondering if not having the gateway initially installed with ensemble could be the reason why the Zen application is not working, I've raised a separate case in this link: 

Page not found in Zen application | InterSystems Developer Community |