Hi Virat - what do you care about monitoring / reporting on?


What you're saying generally makes sense. Because the mirror was flipping over and because of your network issues, the ECP connections didn't know where to connect. Do you understand the behavior now or did you still have an outstanding question?

Hi Lowell,

I saw that this is something you're currently still working on with the WRC. I definitely think they're going to be the best way to resolve a fairly specific error like this one, as they can get the full history of what you've tried, what classes were recompiled, and look at the system.

Hi Charles,

I'd check your Caché audit log or cconsole.log.

Hello Ephraim,

This seems like a better question for InterSystems Support / WRC who can look at the full log and system to try and determine what's happening.

From a file system disk space perspective, the database is almost filling the disk, but there is free space WITHIN the database from the IRIS perspective.

Regarding the performance side of things, what did you check such that it looks fine? CPU / memory / disk? When did the warnings start and are they ongoing? What's being done on the system, anything abnormal?

FYI looks like this was unintentional and will be reverted.

Hey Jeffrey - I see the same thing. I'd encourage you to use the feedback button on the right side of the docs page if you see something like this in the future. I've done that myself now and will let you know what I hear back.