This system task was present in the scheduler in IRIS 2020.1 but I'm assuming you upgraded to 2022. There's a known issue where this SQL cleanup and a few other tasks still appear in the task manager despite the functionality being moved to the work queue manager. This should be fixed in a future verison.

Hi Flavio - I ran into this some time ago. The language setting you need to change is not the display language, but the language for non-unicode programs you can acces via Control Panel > Clock and Region > Region > Administrative.

I might suggest you get the server running and verify that it is happy before trying to get in with Studio. It might be easiest to do it all from the cube - ie you can start iris from there. I mention that because I don't believe you're expected to call irisstart directly. You can call "iris start <instancename>" (distinction is using the iris command to call start).

If the cube fails to start IRIS it should throw an error (likely in the messages.log that the error will tell you to check).

Once you've started IRIS perhaps you can try accessing terminal and the management portal, then Studio. That could narrow down the communication error which may be generic.

I don't know if the picture is still uploading, but I can't see it. The fact you got prompted for USER implies to me that you had an existing connection to IRIS (likely with username/password autosaved) and that's why you immediately got to the namespace prompt. 

When you install the community edition you get Studio and the server locally - so I'm not sure what the downside of connecting to that server is, unless I'm missing something.

How long ago is "some time ago"? I can't speak to forever but for at least the past several years I think it has worked this way. Is there a reason you don't want to connect to IRIS? What scripts are you trying to run?

I would think the community edition of IRIS which is presumably what you are using should do just fine for learning/experimenting.

Ah I think I missed that part of your initial question. Studio isn't like other IDEs where it will save to a workspace on the filesystem, Studio writes to the IRIS database hence why it's asking you to connect to a (running) instance. That's why the icon is grey I assume, because you're not running IRIS. Since you said you installed IRIS and not just Studio I'm assuming you do have that IRIS instance available, but I don't know if Studio matches what you are looking for exactly - a barebones IDE that doesn't need to connect to anything.

Hopefully you've figured this out by now but I'd suggest looking at the Filezilla logs to see if anythings stands out compared to the ssh log you get from IRIS.

My best guess is that the FTP server may not support specifically "key-pair" authentication or might require multiple forms of authentication and the other sftp methods you tried (Filezilla, sftp) may be succeeding with other auth methods. This is somewhat documented here:

You could reach out to the WRC with this.

Hi Jun,

A <PROTECT> error indicates you don't have permission on something, in this case per the error it looks like you don't have permission on the HSCUSTOM database. I'd recommend checking this error with your admin to get that access, if appropriate.