· Mar 8, 2023

Suspension of Messages during Shutdown

We have messages that are in a queued state for various reasons and when we do a manual shutdown of the instance, they are moved to a Suspended state. I thought I saw in the documentation somewhere a setting to make sure these messages stay in a queued state and not suspend them. Can someone confirm and point me in the correct location for that documentation, as I am trying to ensure that if we do have to manually shutdown a instance, someone doesn't have to remember to go back in and check for suspended messages and resubmit them?


Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Hi Scott, that doc is here:

Improving Restarts for Productions with Large Queues

That being said - I thought the move from suspended back to the queue was automatic generally, and wouldn't require a manual resubmit?

"By default, when a production is stopped, any asynchronous messages on the ^Ens.Queue global queue are moved to the ^Ens.Suspended queue. When the production is restarted, they are moved back."