It's already been reported, I meant! Rest assured.


Did you have a chance to review the replies on your other post? Are you trying to use the managed alert framework? If so, I'd suggest reviewing that documentation to make sure your configuration is appropriate. It sounds to me you may just want a regular router, and not to use the AlertManager, in which case a simple business rule can do that routing (or if you don't need routing, you can just make the email operation the Ens.Alert component.)

I think the following Google page explains the SMTP settings you need:

Hi Thembelani,

If I'm understanding your question right, I think you just need to change the settings on the IRIS web application for your REST service, modifying the allowed authentication methods so "password" is enabled.

This system task was present in the scheduler in IRIS 2020.1 but I'm assuming you upgraded to 2022. There's a known issue where this SQL cleanup and a few other tasks still appear in the task manager despite the functionality being moved to the work queue manager. This should be fixed in a future verison.

Hi Flavio - I ran into this some time ago. The language setting you need to change is not the display language, but the language for non-unicode programs you can acces via Control Panel > Clock and Region > Region > Administrative.

Hopefully you've figured this out by now but I'd suggest looking at the Filezilla logs to see if anythings stands out compared to the ssh log you get from IRIS.

My best guess is that the FTP server may not support specifically "key-pair" authentication or might require multiple forms of authentication and the other sftp methods you tried (Filezilla, sftp) may be succeeding with other auth methods. This is somewhat documented here:

You could reach out to the WRC with this.

Hi Jun,

A <PROTECT> error indicates you don't have permission on something, in this case per the error it looks like you don't have permission on the HSCUSTOM database. I'd recommend checking this error with your admin to get that access, if appropriate.